There’s one cardinal rule in makeup: ‘Less is more’ and after years of working with different people each with their unique features, these words have been tested and proven to be true.

Most women (especially we Nigerians) find it very difficult to believe that they are beautiful with little
makeup. Most don’t think they’ve ‘arrived’ if their lips are not bloody red (or shocking pink) and/or with heavy eye makeup and Faux lashes. I’ve discovered that without all these, most women are actually insecure about their beauty.

I remember one time when a young girl came to me asking for advice on what to do the breakouts and dark spots (pimples and acne) on her face, and as I was giving her a long-term routine (a post for another day) on how to get rid of the spots, she impatiently cut me off and was like: “ma, just tell me the foundation and concealer shades and brand I should go and buy to cover it all up, my Bf is coming to visit me tomorrow and I want to look perfect!”. I answered by asking her what she intended to do when she eventually washes off the makeup at night before going to bed (of course, we all know you DO NOT wear makeup to bed) and the Bf will end up seeing her bare face and she replied by saying: “Ehn!, I’ll wakeup before him and reapply the makeup”.

Boy was I so shocked!! It made me realize that she didn’t think she was beautiful enough for her Bf to stand her without the layers of makeup; which sadly also applies to a whole lot of women out there                                                                Featured image

Being overly dependent on makeup isn’t a great idea, too much of anything does more harm than good. Always clogging your skin pores with ‘heavy’ .i.e. full-coverage foundations and concealers is not advisable because it leads to breakouts and blackheads. You should learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, enough to sometimes skip your routine of heavy foundation and concealer (and whatever else rocks your boat).

A times, a well groomed brow, a simple application of a Tinted Moisturizer, a BB cream or a super lightweight Foundation, a dab of Concealer over your trouble spot (if you have any), paired with your favorite powder, bronzer/ blush, and a ‘natural’ faux lash (optional) and a Nude (Brown-pink-peachy) lipstick/ lip-gloss is all you need to look beautiful.

Give your facial skin a big break from all the hocus pocus.

Less is ALWAYS more.


Photo-Credit: Visions Photography ( Instagram: @Mr_Adore & @Mrdalatu)

Models: Instagram: @ikii5 & @Satounii

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