Done Quick: The Matte Burgundy-Red Lip

Done Quick: The Matte Burgundy-Red Lip

It’s the first day of the week (save the groans) and I thought to cheer y’all up with a mini-video tutorial on How to achieve the Perfect Burgundy-Red lip.

Depending on how you play the Red lipstick card, you can wear it to wherever; be it work, soirees etc.

I’m darkskinned, and the Matte Wine/Burgundy-Red lip is THE lip color for me.

To achieve the perfect lip, you should:

• Exfoilate your lips properly

• if you have dark lips, make sure you apply a little amount of concealer on your lips to neutralize your lip color (so it doesn’t interfer with your lip products)

• Fully fill-in your entire lips, top-to-bottom with your desired lipliner; for the Burgundy lip, you should use a wine or brown Lipliner. I used Jordana lipliner in Cabaret

•Blend out your lips properly with a lip-brush or a precision brush. I used Real Techniques’ Precision Brush. The importance of blending your lined lip out is to make sure there’s a smooth transition of color and no lip-crack is left out.

• Apply any desired Red lipstick. Used Avon Cosmetics lipstick in Fiery Red.

• Blend out again with lip-brush or Precision Brush

• Clean-out the edges of your lip with a Concealer or Foundation in your exact shade (DO NOT use a concealer lighter than your shade, least you end up with a halo around your lip…which is definitely NOT sexy) and set it in with loose powder

• for a longer stay, blot your lips with tissue paper (reapply lipstick if need be)

• Accentuate your Cupid’s Bow with a luminizer or highlighting or Mineral powder (be careful on this one….don’t apply too much…you don’t want to look ridiculous)

• Apply Final powder & Setting Spray and….go Slay!




Sleek cosmetics Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette

Oriflame Sweden Double Trouble Pencil liner in Black.


Have a fabulous week ma cheries!



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