Makeup-On-The-Go: The 10 minutes Makeup

Makeup-On-The-Go: The 10 minutes Makeup

Hello cheriés! Today’s topic is about something I always do and I think will benefit y’all too!

Makeup application takes time, some people spend up to 2 hours in front of the mirror because of makeup. I mean, you cannot rush perfection but everyday is not makeup day. There are days when you oversleep and have to rush out to work/appointment/school and you just don’t have the luxury of settling down for makeup AND you also don’t want to look less of your normal flawless self, just because there is no time. OR you just are too lazy every other day to painstakingly apply makeup.

I’m more in the second category (the lazy girl), I get cold feet when it’s time to apply makeup on myself. I love makeup, I love seeing the transformation process on my clients, I love my job but spending that much time working on others I just really want to keep away from makeup and breathe! But as the popular Nigerian saying goes: “you no fit fall your hand” (meaning: you can’t disappoint or fall short of your standards), I discovered simple makeup tricks that you can follow and be done in 10 minutes but still look amazeballs!

My discovery:


Believe it or not, eye makeup takes time! By the time you do your brows, apply eyeshadow base, then the numerous eyeshadows, you blend, do your eyeliner (this one takes precision and therefore time), Curl your lashes, apply mascara, then maybe Faux lashes; you notice that atleast 15 minutes (if not more) goes into eye makeup.

I advice you skip it, atleast limit it to eyeliner/Kajal (for definition)/ mascara, and a pop of shimmer in the tear duct.

When cleaning out your brows, use a concealer that’s close to your skin tone. You don’t want to have a halo on your brows.

OPTIONAL: dust on a mildly shimmery eyeshadow (I use Revlon Color Stay mineral powder) underneath.

Take a cue from Celeb makeup Artist Makeup-By-Mario, keep the eye simple!



Bless your facial skin, never forget to use moisturizer preferably one with SPF, apply foundation (your true skin shade don’t go lighter or darker), apply blush and bronzer to warm up your skin, then powder.

what I personally do is, I mix my foundation with face primer and sometimes, a small amount bronzer…for that healthy glow.

Applying face primer and foundation together saves you the time of waiting for the primer to set before your foundation.


Remember to brush a little amount of foundation unto your eyelids to cover any discoloration or darkness. Set with powder immediately to avoid creasing.

If you may, don’t do serious contouring, just let the shadows play… Keep it clean!


You know you can apply lipstick on-the-go: in traffic, wherever, you may not even need a mirror to do that, your phone camera can be your mirror (you didn’t know? Try it!)

For you not to look “sick”, since you’ve skipped the eye makeup, go vibrant and bright on the lips.


After it all, don’t forget to set your makeup with your makeup spray. My personal favorites are the MAC FIX+ and NYX DEWY FINISH spray.

Believe me, you won’t really miss the non-existent eye makeup. You will still come out looking flawless like every other day, you just won’t spend the normal time in makeup Application!


Brows/ Sourcil:

Zaron Brow Definer

Bhcosmetics concealer

Eyes/Les Yeux:

LA Girl Immense Mascara

Avon retractable Kajal in Navy

Revlon ColorStay mineral powder in tear-duct

Face/ Visage:

NYX Angel Veil

BlackUp foundation in HC10

Blackopal Transluscent powder

ELF contouring bronzer & blush

Revlon ColorStay mineral powder

Zaron powder in ZZ30


Lips/ Levres:

JordanaCosmetics Lipliner in Sienna

NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Anywerp

You can get these products at,  and any Zaron outlet near you.

You can thank me now!



  1. nice job Azuka. I really don’t know much about make up but I see really interesting topics that every girl needs especially this one. I will definitely share the link with my girlfriend. Lol

    1. Author

      Hahaha. That’ll be nice. Merci

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