Matching Your Foundation

Matching Your Foundation

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Today it’s all about how to correctly match your foundation to your skin. Without question, the right foundation is essential for a beautiful makeup application. Foundation serves as the canvas for the rest of your makeup and the best ones blend on smoothly and evenly. Overtime, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to choose a shade closest to your skin tone is by matching the color to your jaw line. Since it’s between your face and neck (the two places that the foundation should match), it’s your best bet. If the shades of your face & neck are slightly different, attempt to find one that’s in between so it can ‘marry’ the two areas perfectly (giving you an even skin-tone).

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Generally, foundation directly out of the bottle may not match your skin perfectly. I start by taking a shade slightly lighter than my skin tone and a shade slightly darker and mix the two shades on a Color mixing plate with a Spatula (or you can mix at the back of palm with your finger) before applying on my face. As the two foundations are blended together they match my skin tone perfectly. This method is all about trial and error, as you might have to try a few different shades of foundation before you find the perfect color.

For those suffering from skin discoloration (e.g Sunburn, Birthmarks, etc), you do not need to apply all the foundation in the world. All you need is a good concealer (in your skin shade) and a good coverage foundation.

Aussi, flee from color-correcting foundations; that is, those with a mauve, mint green, bright peach, or strong yellow tone. For these to mask a skin-tone issue (Discoloration of skin), they must provide enough coverage, and if they provide that much coverage, then the color-correcting product looks obvious and unnaturale. For best results, look for neutral to slightly yellow-toned foundations.

Don’t listen to anyone (“makeup artist” or nah) who tells you that you must always use a foundation lighter than your skin-tone…it’s total BS! Your foundation is just that, a foundation! it’s not a concealer that hides spots. The job of a foundation is to make your skin as flawless as possible for makeup application.

En Fin, (and this is specially for those online shoppers: first-timers or makeup hoarders), if you’re not still quite sure of what you want, go to and have fun choosing!

Hopefully, these tips come in handy next time you’re shopping for foundation(s)!

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