I’m a huge fan of affordable makeup brands and if you’re worth your salt you should know BH Cosmetics.  Not long ago they introduced the Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Pallete  I recently just joined the Glow enthusiasts and had to cop this from TheDFstore    It’s a set of 4 bronzers (read “Highlighters”) with awesome pigmentation. Wasn’t really psyched that the Shades weren’t named ?       I said Highlighters because IMO, Bronzers (which are placed in areas that you’re to contour) are meant to be all shades of dark & preferably not as shiny as this pallet.  As a dark-skinned person, thisRead More →

As I have previously established: I am a lazy girl when it comes to doing my own makeup and I love buying sets (Default-Economist-Setting) – it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk and who doesn’t love variety?!; Decided I wanted to get an array of NYX jumbo pencils.  Luckily thedfstore.com stocked up and whilst I was rummaging through the site, couldn’t pass up the offer! Almost everyone, in fact everyone who loves makeup knows about NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk but hardly about the rest and frankly, yall missing out! First of all, it came in in a very pretty package, the black lace pouchRead More →

Bonjour tous! So I got this Pallete from Sephora a few ago and I’ve been having so much fun with it.  On y va!    This Pallete consists of 12 colors; equally divided: 6 matte, 6 shimmery colors; A dual ended brush: An All-Over-Shadow Brush and an Angled-Eyeliner Brush; A Jet-black Contour Eyeliner Pencil.     Swatches from left to right (a single swipe):     Luminous Nude (S) Rich Chocolate (M) Radiant Pink (M) Starlight Yellow (S) Magnetic Aqua (S) Vivid White (M)    Soft Nude (M) Bold Bronze (S) Charismatic Purple (M) Iridescent Green (S) Blue Crystal (S) Charcoal Black (M) (PS: S = Shimmer,Read More →

Its been far too long since I blogged, blame it on NYSC, relocation & shenanigans…I’m sorry, I’ve missed blogging & I am back! For my foreign readers: I’m Nigerian; so I reckon some of y’all will be kinda lost as per the meaning of this Article’s headline:Read More →

Hey guys! So it’s Sunday and thinking about the previous questions my ardent readers have had to ask about what seems to be the appropriate wear for a Sunday church service, I had to reply the best way I could. A sunday outfit doesn’t have to be traditional according to what most people think. I love to dress according to my mood at times and as such I mix things up, thereby spicing them up a bit.The look you give yourself best expresses how you feel.(Happy,confident,bold,etc).We are at time of “Ankara craze” but it’s okay to rock your western attire too and for a fashionRead More →

Was surfing through Sephora’s online store a while ago and the Ammo pallet caught my eye. The packaging had this “Do not open, danger!” Thingy about it. A skull design formed from ensemble of roses, swords, guns, chains, animals etc all in purple and boy was I so excited to really open it. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay, I mean duh!, who isn’t?! Long story short, it was money WELL SPENT! The Ammo pallet consists of 10 different Supér pigmented shimmery shadows and a travel-size Primer Portion (amazeballs ya?!)   1) SMOG: deep coppery bronze 2) MILDEW: green with hint of gold 3)Read More →

tips and tricks on how to spend less time in front of the mirror and still come out looking flawless.Read More →

Dressing yourself for the coming season by adding color is like adding life back to your wardrobe.People fidget about what to wear.follow this guide and enjoy this spring and many to come. -Wear blouses and dresses with flowing cuts made of lighter fabrics like chiffon and lightweight linen. -Delicate floral print also works. -cotton polo short-sleeve shirts and tank tops. -Try a shirt tunic(a loose fitting garment that comes down to your mid-thigh). -Denim jackets also work out well(this material is heavy enough to keep you warm during the chilly days). -Lightweight fitted cardigan is a nice way to look dressy while keeping you warmRead More →

I always get the “How do I get rid of the Acnes/blackheads (whiteheads) on my face?”, “OMG! You have a smooth face, how do I achieve that?” Questions a lot by people and I’ve decided to share my 50 cents on the subject! Many people think that acne is just pimples. But a person who has acne can have: Blackheads. Whiteheads. Papules. Pustules (what many people call pimples). Cysts. Nodules. Acne appears mostly on the face but it can appear on other areas of the body. Acne can appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms and buttocks. Acne can cause more than just DarkRead More →

Hey guys! so I decided to table and trash this today.Blending different colors can be tasking,likewise blending different shades of same color(cobalt and midnight blue) For a day look,blending these two colors with animal print accessories(scarfs and shoes) is fabulous. It also works for those who like to dim the colors a bit,making you look amazingly put together. The big events aren’t exempted as you can rock these colors with gold accessories. This makes your skin tone pop emitting effortless beauty. Altogether,blending these colors are simply with light rules as the midnight blue(same with the moonlit night sky) makes it easy to blend. Embrace theRead More →