Slit!Whew!*hotness*It screams confidence. You would wonder why I chose this as my very first post(fashion and lifestyle) Think slits!Think class and elegance.This isn’t something new but over the years,designers have succeeded in pulling off various trendy looks.slits also give you a feel of your personality. You can pull off the vintage off shoulder look for an upscale event in your bold jewelry and flattering heels. So put on that beautiful look in your high slit skirt or dress and storm that festive celebration feeling perfect and making your fashion statement because it is a style that stands the test of time. Don’t forget to pickRead More →

Originally, the title of this post was supposed to be “How to Wear An Odd-color Lippie” but while I was out runningRead More →

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentines’ Day perhaps solely because I belong to the School of Thought that everyday ofRead More →

I’ve encountered women who genuinely love looking good but can’t seem to accept the fact that they need the proper makeupRead More →

If you’re a makeup artist or makeup lover in Nigeria, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the stomach-upsetting wait when you pre-order makeup items; these are worst ‘week(s)’ of my life or even month(s) (we know the degree of inefficiency of The Nigerian Customs) *Sigh* and the butterfly-effect in your stomach when you get the “your items are ready for pickup” call! Imagine my excitement when I held my goody bag! I was literally jumping up and down and doing the shmoney dance.  *hahahaha!* Decided to splash on Nyx Cosmetics products last December, took awfully long to be released from the Nigerian Port but boyRead More →

Hallo mes amis! It’s been a minute, I apologize for going AWOL on y’all just had a lot on my plate… I hope I’m forgiven? (I love you too :*).Today, I shall be talking about Dry lips and simple ways to win the battle. No matter how “posh” you are, we’ve all (or still do) suffer(ed) from parched, chapped, dry lips at one (or several points) in our lives. I know what will be going through your mind: ‘thank heavens for lip-balm!’ but, is lip-balm truly the answer?  Studies show that lip-balm may not necessarily be the answer to cure chapped lips. *cricket chirps* Some argueRead More →

Bonsoir a tous and happy New Year!! It’s 2015 and looking good! If you’re familiar with the seasonal changes of West-Africa, you’ll know this is the time of Harmattan. Harmattan is a season characterized by cold, dry, dusty wind blowing over the West-African region from the Sahara Desert. It occurs between late November and mid-March. It can get cold and sometimes hot (fluctuations in temperatures of day and night) It is generally believed that everything worse (skin-wise) comes with this season; from cracked lips to cracked feet to wrinkled (and sometimes also broken) skin, to weak and brittle hair, etc.  owing to the dry, harshRead More →

There’s one cardinal rule in makeup: ‘Less is more’ and after years of working with different people each with their unique features, these words have been tested and proven to be true. Most women (especially we Nigerians) find it very difficult to believe that they are beautiful with little makeup. Most don’t think they’ve ‘arrived’ if their lips are not bloody red (or shocking pink) and/or with heavy eye makeup and Faux lashes. I’ve discovered that without all these, most women are actually insecure about their beauty. I remember one time when a young girl came to me asking for advice on what to doRead More →

Halos et bienvenue! Today it’s all about how to correctly match your foundation to your skin. Without question, the right foundation is essential for a beautiful makeup application. Foundation serves as the canvas for the rest of your makeup and the best ones blend on smoothly and evenly. Overtime, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to choose a shade closest to your skin tone is by matching the color to your jaw line. Since it’s between your face and neck (the two places that the foundation should match), it’s your best bet. If the shades of your face & neck are slightly different,Read More →

I’m not one for glossy lips, Lipsticks and especially lip glosses. In fact I own a limited number of lip-glosses and I hardly use them (because they easily wear out et al). I pride myself in matte, dry lipsticks (they tend to appear stronger and last longer than their glossed counterparts). But these nouveau innovations of lip gloss ranges from different brands are so attractive I just had to succumb to this one: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint. Here is the official statement of the product: ‘Glazed Lip Paints give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the ease and glossy finish of a lipRead More →