Product Review: Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Product Review: Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Was surfing through Sephora’s online store a while ago and the Ammo pallet caught my eye. The packaging had this “Do not open, danger!” Thingy about it. A skull design formed from ensemble of roses, swords, guns, chains, animals etc all in purple and boy was I so excited to really open it.

I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay, I mean duh!, who isn’t?!
Long story short, it was money WELL SPENT!


The Ammo pallet consists of 10 different Supér pigmented shimmery shadows and a travel-size Primer Portion (amazeballs ya?!)



1) SMOG: deep coppery bronze

2) MILDEW: green with hint of gold

3) OIL SLICK: black underlaid with silver

4) LAST CALL: metallic cranberry

5) CHOPPER: coppery gold




6) MAUI MOWIE: Golden beige

7) SHATTERED: iridescent Aqua green (turquoise)

8) POLYESTER BRIDGE: white with silver hints

9) GRIFTER: iridescent lavender (purplish pink…depends on how the light hits it)

10) SIN: champagney brown

For proper comparison, these are the swatches with and without (natural light) flashlight:





My favorite is most definitely SHATTERED! I can’t get enough of it…it turns out soooo pretty. I use it basically all over the eyelid or lower lash-line for a pop of color; While POLYESTER/ SIN/ MAUI MOWIE are wonderful for the tear-duct (to open up your eyes).

Highly pigmented.


The travel size Primer Portion and shadow brush was a nice touch.

No matte shadows.

No purple.

with SMOG & MAUI MOWIE, I could do without CHOPPER.

Glitter fall out.

A purple would have truly completed the palette, you have to be careful while applying so you don’t get glitter all over your face. Best applied with a wet brush and in patting/dabbing movements.
I give it a
YASSSSS! It’s worth every penny!

So darlings, get your Ammo up!





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