Slit!Whew!*hotness*It screams confidence.
You would wonder why I chose this as my very first post(fashion and lifestyle)
Think slits!Think class and elegance.This isn’t something new but over the years,designers have succeeded in pulling off various trendy looks.slits also give you a feel of your personality.
You can pull off the vintage off shoulder look for an upscale event in your bold jewelry and flattering heels.
So put on that beautiful look in your high slit skirt or dress and storm that festive celebration feeling perfect and making your fashion statement because it is a style that stands the test of time.
Don’t forget to pick a color and style suitable for your skin and body type(more on this soon).
Like I mentioned earlier,this is my very first post.I am Sapphire of Sapphire Fashion House and I hope to get your feedback on the magic.


  1. Lovely slits,kip making me proud SFH

  2. This is a beautiful piece…would certainly recommend it…can’t wait to see more fab fashion magic from you… *9ce*

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