Spring! what to wear? (WTW)

Spring! what to wear? (WTW)

Dressing yourself for the coming season by adding color is like adding life back to your wardrobe.People fidget about what to wear.follow this guide and enjoy this spring and many to come.

-Wear blouses and dresses with flowing cuts made of lighter fabrics like chiffon and lightweight linen.

-Delicate floral print also works.
-cotton polo short-sleeve shirts and tank tops.

-Try a shirt tunic(a loose fitting garment that comes down to your mid-thigh).

-Denim jackets also work out well(this material is heavy enough to keep you warm during the chilly days).

-Lightweight fitted cardigan is a nice way to look dressy while keeping you warm and comfy.

-Consider a stylish trench coat.
-Capri pants works well for days the weather may feel too warm for long pants.

-maxi dresses help to regulate your body temperature as they are loose and breezy.

-knee length dresses are classic and flatter nearly any figure.

While you are at it,keep in mind that spring is all about colours,so stock up on neutral colours and a pair of dressy sandals,sun shades,light hats and a cute umbrella also works well for spring.IMG_3230 copy

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