Trend Alert! Unibrow: Yaay or Nay?!

Trend Alert! Unibrow: Yaay or Nay?!

One of the Best Haute Couture looks from the Spring 2015 Paris Fashion Week earlier this year was from Chanel, where eyeshadow was being used to veil the brows, giving a unibrow effect.

image image


If you follow (or subscribe) Nyx cosmetics on social media, you would have most definitely seen the new UNIBROW campaign.


The next thought/question that popped into my head was: Is Unibrow really a “thing”?

Now, for y’all who doesn’t know what a UNIBROW is, A unibrow (or monobrow; called Synophrys in medicine) is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows, so that they seem to converge to form one long eyebrow (read more from Wiki)
I am most definitely in team Frida Kahlo (a great woman, legendary Artist) but we are in a different century.

A portait of Frida Kahlo


Unless it’s Halloween season or for a  Runway or Photoshoot, I see no reason why a normal person should walk around with an artificially created Unibrow!

Even Queen Beyoncé when portraying Frida Kahlo a Halloween ago just did strong brows and skipped the unibrow.

Queen Bey as Frida Kahlo
Queen Bey as Frida Kahlo

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be your own person but COME ON!, a Unibrow??? What are you?, living in a cave?

Unless you’re purchasing to fleek-up your normal brow game, After all It is a tinted brow gel. In my honest opinion The Unibrow is utter rubbish  

That said it’s a capital “NAY” for me, how about you?
(You can give your own opinions in the comment section below)

X0 amis!


  1. This has to be a silly joke. Surely. Looks awful

  2. YAY! A big yes! So glad I came across this for I am a huge fan of unibrows. I don’t have one naturally but have been known to create it for myself and admire those that do. I am in awe a bit when I see someone with a great unibrow because they have become so rare due to our cultures forever increasing need to look perfect, so zap, wax etc. and they’re gone. I wish we could all celebrate the natural beauty’s we were given more vs. trying to adhere to the media and social driven forms of what is most considered most attractive…and the rarer the unibrow becomes, honestly to me, the sexier it gets

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