10 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

10 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Now now ladies, tranquilo!

It’s not everything you see, you rush in and buy…don’t unnecessarily go broke because of makeup!

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that I am a certified Economist (amongst other things), aka I’m a professional spend-wisely-every-time person and I’m telling y’all that there are several ways to achieve some high-end makeup looks without actually going broke…

Thank me later!

Trick 1 

A good lip pencil can double as a matte lipstick

Apart from sculpting and defining lips for the perfect pout, extending the wear of any lipstick; a good lipliner can be worn over your entire lip alone as a soft matte lip color that will last all day.

Trick 2

Matte Dark-Brown Eyeshadow = Brow Filler

Although there are plenty affordable brow fillers (powder/gel) out there, if perchance you run out of products or you’re really on a budget and can’t afford one, fret not!…your matte Dark-Brown eyeshadow can be used instead.


Trick 3

Eye pencil + lighter = Gel liner

Your normal eye pencil (whatever the color) when swapped over a lighter (or match) can double as a gel liner.

The warmth from the fire can cause it to soften up; when it does use your Angled brush to work it however you want it.

Trick 4

You can use your eyeshadow to turn your slightly glossy (keyword “slightly”) lipstick into a matte Lippie by first doing the tissue-blot, then applying the same eyeshadow color to mattify it.

Trick 5

Eyedrops + Dried mascara= Resurrection

Has your favorite mascara dried up? Don’t fret, 2-3 drops of any eye-drop from a drugstore will revive it.

NB: it’s not for expired mascaras.

Trick 6

don’t have a powder contour kit? An ordinary powder 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone or any matte brown eyeshadow (be careful on this one) can work perfectly.

Trick 7

Rosy, orangey, reddish matte eyeshadow (and blah blah …you know how a standard blush color looks like) can double as a powder blush and vice versa

why? They are made with same/almost similar formulae.

Trick 8

Stick foundation = Stick concealer

infact, in my dictionary they’re the same thing, difference is just labeling (Marketing strategy)

So if you have a stick foundation, don’t waste precious money in getting a stick  concealer.

Trick 9

Applied a slightly wrong foundation color/shade and can’t clean off? Use a darker than your normal skin tone powder to balance it out.

Don’t turn it to a habit!, go to a store and get your exact foundation shade

Trick 10

Vaseline + Cotton wool = Bestfriend

Vaseline and Cotton wool is still the No. 1 makeup remover till date. Just apply the Vaseline on the cotton wool, wipe and watch it all come off…even water-resistant products!


You’re all welcome!

PS:Have more ideas? Post them in the comment section below!

Have a good weekend tous!




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