Cobalt-Midnight(the blues)

Cobalt-Midnight(the blues)

Hey guys!

so I decided to table and trash this today.Blending different colors can be tasking,likewise blending different shades of same color(cobalt and midnight blue)

For a day look,blending these two colors with animal print accessories(scarfs and shoes) is fabulous. It also works for those who like to dim the colors a bit,making you look amazingly put together.
The big events aren’t exempted as you can rock these colors with gold accessories.

This makes your skin tone pop emitting effortless beauty.

Altogether,blending these colors are simply with light rules as the midnight blue(same with the moonlit night sky) makes it easy to blend.
Embrace the culture of colors and welcome the new era where they are accepted.


don’t forget the feedback guys.

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  1. Hmmmmm….. the tricky wonder of colors

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