Essential beauty tools: Beauty on a budget

I’ve encountered women who genuinely love looking good but can’t seem to accept the fact that they need the proper makeup Tools to achieve Flawlessness; and I swear I feel sorry for these lot.

Budget friendly concealers (Avon, Bh cosmetics, LA Girls, Maybelline NY
Bh cosmetics & Morphe Brushes



Foundations, Primers, Perfecteurs

You want something good? Invest in it!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t saying you should go and get the most expensive tools; you’re not a makeup artist…well, unless you are then…

The beauty industry is ever evolving, with record-breaking innovations, There are budget friendly but quality products you can purchase.

BH cosmetics


When it comes to brushes, you have got to give it to Bh Cosmetics, Shany Cosmetics and E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics!
These ones make good quality brushes that doesn’t shed for so low a price!
Can I hear an AMEN?!
A normal girl should have a brush set not less than 12pcs and as for makeup artists, you know you can never stop shopping for latest brushes.

Eyeshadow base/primer:
Now I know most of you won’t see this as being necessary but loves, IT IS! An eyeshadow base automatically serves as your shadow insurance and brings out the true, vivid colors of your eyeshadow.
Suggestions: ELF cosmetics, LA Girls, Nyx cosmetics


As an Economist, I’ll always tell you it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and in this case, I’m talking “palettes”!
Investing in palettes which depending on the manufacturer has a wide range of hues from nude to vibrants hues, is your best bet!
My top dupe products?: BH Cosmetics , Sleek cosmetics, Shany cosmetics, House of Tara, Zaron cosmetics, Morphe Brushes

Oriflame Sweden, Maybelline NY, Avon cosmetics
Red Cherry, Ardell (lashes)

Lips (lipsticks and liners)

Dear Ladies, the world doesn’t revolve around MAC Cosmetics lipsticks!!
*im even tempted to put “oooo!!” after “lipstick” just for emphasis*

This is 2015! There are quality, affordable lip products in town!
My top: WetnWild, ELF, Nyx Cosmetics, Maybelline NY, Oriflame Sweden, Avon cosmetics, Memebox, Zaron cosmetics, Revlon, Milani

Face (foundation, Concealer & Powder)
Rimmel London, CoverGirl, Oriflame Sweden, Maybelline NY, Black Radiance, Avon cosmetics, Revlon, BhCosmetics, Marykay Timewise, Zaron cosmetics
NB: Pls, be informed, Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA & UVB rays) worsens every second, ensure when choosing products especially your Primers, Perfecteurs, Foundations and even powders; That the product has a reasonable amount of SPF (Sun Protection Factor), SPF 15 and/or higher for Skin protection. It rates how effective the sunscreen is in preventing sunburn, aging and skin cancer caused by UVA &UVB rays.

Before y’all ask where to get these, I’ll gladly answer!

Avon cosmetics: call IFY +2348037415130

Oriflame Sweden: email: or call LP +2348181017278

Zaron Cosmetics: Any Zaron outlet, IG: ZaronCosmetics

Sleek cosmetics: Any outlet near you

For other int’l brands, shop at:

and other standard, beauty stores around you eg CasaBella, Gifty’s daughter, Poise etc.

Make sure you patronize standard beauty stores so as not to purchase fake products

Happy shopping!




PS: if you have suggestions about quality budget-friendly makeup brands, feel free to to share in the comments section below

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