Bonsoir a tous and happy New Year!! It’s 2015 and looking good!

If you’re familiar with the seasonal changes of West-Africa, you’ll know this is the time of Harmattan. Harmattan is a season characterized by cold, dry, dusty wind blowing over the West-African region from the Sahara Desert. It occurs between late November and mid-March. It can get cold and sometimes hot (fluctuations in temperatures of day and night)

It is generally believed that everything worse (skin-wise) comes with this season; from cracked lips to cracked feet to wrinkled (and sometimes also broken) skin, to weak and brittle hair, etc.  owing to the dry, harsh wind from the Sahara Desert.

But, I beg to differ! (No, this isn’t a Literary & Debating Society Forum….LOOOOL!) I Love the Harmattan season and you can too…if you know how to werk it! It is the ‘bestest’ time for women to be at their beauty’s peak!

I can almost hear the resounding “HOW?!”

Harmattan season is categorized with dry, chilly weather (aka there is typically no presence of harsh kilishi-drying type of sun), which is uber good news because in the glorious absence of the heat and humidity, your Body cream (albeit a moisturizing Body cream) has a better chance at efficacy and effectiveness. In simple lingua, your Body cream works better.

Have you also noticed how your makeup manages to stay impeccably in place (needing little or no touch-ups) throughout the day? This is because you hardly sweat during this period

There is also a drastically reduced probability of Sunburn (aka the black blush). That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with your sunscreen products anymore tho’, you should protect your skin always.

Loving Harmattan season yet? (I sure do!)




Giving your hair the Olive-oil & honey mask and/or having it in Protective twists (Braids) shields your hair from the harsh weather, prevents hair loss and moisturizes your hair.

Invest in a good Leave-in conditioner today!!


Adding Glycerin (or glycerol) and Honey to your body cream does magic! The Glycerin helps lock in skin moisture, i.e. it keeps the skin hydrated leading to a healthier, smoother and more attractive skin; Honey on the other hand is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Also, stay away from hot water during baths because it may attribute to skin dryness; warm water is a safer bet.

Apply extra moisturizing cream or use Petroleum jelly on your feet before covering them up with socks. The socks-trick helps to hold in the moisture and reduce feet cracking.

Always have a handy hand cream! They come in petite packages, easy to be carried about. Don’t hoard, apply it generously on your hands whenever you feel you need to.

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Lip dryness/ crack? It’s inevitable in this particular season. Always exfoliate and moisturize lips (refer to previous post), leaving it (lips) in an always supple state.

Say your goodbyes to Matte Lipsticks for these few months and replace with creamy lipsticks, glosses and balms. It’s hard, I know but matte lipsticks may do you more harm than good because they can contribute to lip dryness and cracking.

Use a generous amount of moisturizer (with SPF of course) before your makeup routine.

Do not unnecessarily pat /apply too much powder on your face this season, girl, you don’t want to appear ‘white or ashy’!


I advise you always opt for long shirts & Polos, long skirts/gowns, trousers; blazers (suit tops), turtle-necked tops and shoes to protect your skin from the harsh weather.

If you can’t do without booty shorts and skimpy skirts/gowns, do yourself a favor and pair with thick skin-socks and boots (or whatevs!).

I hope these tips help!

Have fun werking this season!



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