Product Review: Sephora IT Spectrum Pallet

Product Review: Sephora IT Spectrum Pallet

Bonjour tous!

So I got this Pallete from Sephora a few ago and I’ve been having so much fun with it. 

On y va!


This Pallete consists of 12 colors; equally divided: 6 matte, 6 shimmery colors; A dual ended brush: An All-Over-Shadow Brush and an Angled-Eyeliner Brush; A Jet-black Contour Eyeliner Pencil. 

Swatches from left to right (a single swipe): 


Luminous Nude (S)

Rich Chocolate (M)

Radiant Pink (M)

Starlight Yellow (S)

Magnetic Aqua (S)

Vivid White (M)

Soft Nude (M)

Bold Bronze (S)

Charismatic Purple (M)

Iridescent Green (S)

Blue Crystal (S)

Charcoal Black (M)

(PS: S = Shimmer, M= Matte)


Let me begin with the Jet-Black Contour Eyeliner.

For the love of makeup…it’s to black! Glides on easily, true color in one swipe. It’s currently one of my favorite liners and boy do I hoard it!??

2) Who doesn’t love an additional 2-in-1 brush in their Eyeshadow palette?! The Angled-Liner Brush is amazeballs, works perfectly with my Gel liner & the All-Over Shadow brush packs eyeshadow very nicely. ??


If you ask me, there are some of the colors here (eg Radiant Pink & Vivid White) that are quite unnecessary. 

I was expecting a deep-pink hue from the Radiant Pink but I was disappointed to see something that could easily pass for White. ?

2) The package. It’s pretty, yes but cloth-like aka it can easily get dirty and can’t be washed. 

So, if you don’t handle with care…OYO IS YOUR CASE! ??


Sephora could have done better. 

All said and done, it isn’t my best buy but it was a good buy. 

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