Relax, c’est Le Weekend!

Relax, c’est Le Weekend!

Originally, the title of this post was supposed to be “How to Wear An Odd-color Lippie” but while I was out running (ran 9.83km by the way) this morning, this new one popped into my head.

I don’t know about you but I do love when gazes follow me around (in a good way) after a proper face-beat (makeup application)
I’m not one to really push THE line when it comes to clothes but makeup?…I’m Helen of Troy!
my favorite border-pushing lip color should be black, blue and deep violet; Aka anything punk and gothic …you can tell I watch loads of horror movies (GUILTY!)image

Now I’m still yet to try other brands with black matte lipstick that does the magic, but the OCC Liptar in True Black cuts it.

In blue, Nyx Wicked lippie does justice.

Nyx Cosmetics Wicked Lippie in Sinful


WetnWild in Transylvania, MAC Cyber
WetnWild Vamp, MAC Cyber

My fav for Deep Violet rests between MAC Cyber, Nyx’s Simply Vamp In Transylvania and Wetnwild’s Vamp. 3 devious Violet and I mix-and-match for the fun of it.

Now,when wearing an odd-colored lippie, ┬ábe it to the Club or any other occasion, you want to keep your eye makeup and even your face clean and simple…you want all glory to go to your lips… No drama…unless it’s Halloween or something.

Got most from

So, mes amis, move out of your comfort zone today et relax, c’est le Weekend!

Ooh and feel free to tell which odd-colored lippie does “it” for you!

Bon Weekend!




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      Sadly, I Haven’t tried the Revlon yet.

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