Sunday! The church flow;

Sunday! The church flow;

Hey guys! So it’s Sunday and thinking about the previous questions my ardent readers have had to ask about what seems to be the appropriate wear for a Sunday church service, I had to reply the best way I could.
A sunday outfit doesn’t have to be traditional according to what most people think. I love to dress according to my mood at times and as such I mix things up, thereby spicing them up a bit.The look you give yourself best expresses how you feel.(Happy,confident,bold,etc).We are at time of “Ankara craze” but it’s okay to rock your western attire too and for a fashion twist it’s even admirable to rock both.
Remember to keep it simple in blending always comes out best.

Outfit design;
Sapphire by Tosh

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  1. Nice outfit, am so happy for u. Keep the good work going.

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