The Colour Wheel and it’s many uses…even Makeup!

The Colour Wheel and it’s many uses…even Makeup!

Hey guys, I’m Abiola and this is my first post on MAketopiaOfficiel and just to brag , i designed this website lol, anyway, today’s post is not just for the makeup enthusiast but also interior design, decorations, clothes and everything else artistic! If you follow my own website, you probably have seen this but it doesn’t hurt to read twice because this is a very helpful post 😀


So what is this “colour wheel”, from Wiki “A color wheel or color circle is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle that shows relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors etc.” Basically, it helps in matching colours because you know what colour neutralizes another or complements another, so it’s uses, I’m just going to be using clothes and makeup.


Clothes: Remember when the whole colorblocking thing was in style, if i knew this then, I would have nailed that trend lol! But seriously,I never would have thought Orange and blue would look so good together! You don’t always have to match, or complement, sometimes you can even use one to tone down another and this colour wheel shows you exactly what colour does what to another family,



Now to my fav part, makeup, for months i had serious issues matching my eyeshadows and lipsticks and blushes, that is what happens when you have too much to pick from lol, but after too much failure lol i decided to do what i do best , research , and i found this and some old videos of Makeupgameonpoint years ago and she even did another last year again addressing the isse, since then , i have never had issues and i wear any colour of eyeshadow, I’m really not the nude eye or lips person I said that before!

ftNow the color chart doesn’t just help with eyeshadows and blushes and lipsticks, it also helps in color correcting, gone are the days you just apply a same shade concealer on your blemishes, now you can actually neutralize them, we have green, purple, pink , orange, yellow concealers for different things, green neutralizes red, orange concealers are perfect for dark under eyes or neutralizing blue tones which is mainly dark spots on dark skinned women,yellow neutralizes purple,etc, but mainly if you are light skin, your acne marks are mostly red/pink, you would need a green concealer and dark skin would need an orange or salmon concealer,but this is not a colour correcting post so ,




I would have a separate post on colour correcting one of this days but i really hope you guys got the gist behind the whole colour wheel and it’s uses,as a Pro Makeup artist, this thing helps me a lot and i hope it helps you all too. If you do have questions or need me to elaborate on any part , leave your comments below. Now go and have a wonderful week playing with colours!

From the whole Maketopia Officiel family, Thank you all so much for your support, means a whole lot! Have a blessed and colourful week.


Abiola A.

Phil 4:13

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