I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentines’ Day perhaps solely because I belong to the School of Thought that everyday of our lives should be a day of showing selfless love to others.

Didn’t even want to post anything today but I woke up to a very beautiful poem written for me by one of my supporters and A very good friend, that I knew I just had to share with the world. So, here goes:


Roses are red, violets are blue

From the distance I gaze upon you As the sunset baths on you

Its that season of love Where I can’t help but show I love you.

This seed of love we sowed Grew through space and time Watered by the tears, pains and sorrows Nutured by the smiles, laughters and hugs As humans, we can go wrong In love’s forgiving arms, we can go strong.

As love grows in time’s past We celebrate love that last In all its forms and act

I spread the joy of the season saying HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY”

Written By:(@iamheadrush_)


How beautiful indeed!

Now, to match what I felt when I first read this short poem, and of course  with nudges from my bestfriends (Lucy and Meme…you’ll get to meet them soon), I decided to create a Valentines’ Day inspired look.





Zaron Cosmetics Brow Definer

ELF cosmetics Cream liner in Coffee


Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk as base

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel-On-The-Go eyeshadow Pallete (you can also use: Bh Cosmetics Neutral Eyeshadow Pallete)

Sleek Cosmetics I-Divine Pallete in Au Naturale

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics

Sephora Gel-liner to achieve both the  cut-crease and Feline liner(aka cat-liner)

Chanel Mascara

(Didn’t bother with faux-lashes but any nice, Natural lash like the Ardell 120 Demi Black would work)


Black|Up Paris Full Coverage Foundation in HC10

LA Girl Pro-Concealer in Toast

Zaron cosmetics powder in ZZ30

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Powder in Brighten (for highlight glow)

Bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Pallete

Nyx cosmetics Setting Spray in Dewy-Finish


Jordana lipliner in Sienna

Sleek Makeup True Color Lipstick in Vixen


For where to get these products, refer to former post (Essential beauty tools: Beauty on a Budget)

I hope y’all have a wonderful celebration! Show someone how much you love them today.

Laters cheris!




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